From the creators of Pus-E The Clown™ and Brandy or Freedom™
comes this heart stopping ride through a world where the science of Cryptozoology careens headfirst into the ancient and forbidden arts of witchcraft. Two escaped convicts -- the alluring Loosey-Fur and the sexy but unstable Satantha -- seduce and kidnap one of the world's leading experts on Sasquatch. Under the rule of their dark lord, they indulge in a wild sex-and-killing spree, dragging the captive along into the ultimate confrontation with the object of his lifelong quest. Will they survive
The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot ?

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Bigfoot -- My Kind o' Guy!  Composed and performed by Ron Feyereisen,
this rollicking ditty is our theme song. Take a listen, and sing along...
"4½ Stars (out of 5)" -- Henry May, Southeast Sasquatch Association

"Awesome,  3 stars out of 4" -- Tom Zielinski,

"Hilariously  Awesome" -- Avery Battles, Horror Website News Reporter

" Great Fun" -- Brian T. Jaynes, Director "Boggy Creek" (2010)

"Glad to have this in my Collection" -- Abe Del Rio, MN.B.R.T. Radio 

"A Great and Funny Action / Horror / Comedy with a little of everything in it- A +++"
-- Bill Green , Connecticut Sasquatch Researcher

A Very unique entry into the Bigfoot Movie Genre"- Ken Hulsey, Monster Island News

Schlock can be a good thing, and The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot has it in Spades." -
  --Raymond Benson,  Author and Film Historian